Kopfschmerzen im Griff – Dank Prana Selbstbehandlung

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Dear Nani, a loving Atma Namaste!

More than a month has gone since you kindly advised and provided me with the Master’s Protocol for healing my headache.

I am very very happy to inform you that thanks God it turned out to be a very successful one! I feel much better now. Still have headaches from time to time but of very slight and bearable kind and easier and faster to heal with prana. Following your advices both K. and I are performing the healing 3 times per week. Her help is invaluable for me.

I am very grateful to you for your kind advises, for giving me the protocol and most of all for encouraging me to start doing it. You were a real inspiration for me to believe that things can be improved! And of course I must add -Thank you Master!

With many many loving blessings, S.M., Sofia